Apple is Looking to unify iOS and Mac Apps in 2018


Apple is one of the leading tech companies and has served the world with one of the best tech-oriented gadgets and operating systems. According to recent news, Apple is said to be working on a project which will allow the developers to develop apps that will work with touchscreens inputs on all of their gadgets iPhone, iPad and Mac. The plan is to implement this step in the year 2018, the system will unite the development environment for both iOS and MacOS. The main idea behind this step is to design and develop one single app for both the platforms.

According to a report posted by Bloomberg, this strategy will possibly roll out after the next software update which is due in the year 2018, however, there are major possibilities that the tools might become available for the developers. It is also to be believed that these plans might popup at the annual worldwide conference which is due in summer next year.

Good news for common apps

This is probably a very good news for all common mobile applications. They now have the best opportunity to go a long way and improve their situation in the Mac store. These apps have recently not done a very good job in terms of consumer reception and library assistance compared to iOS. For all the new users it will become easy to use both the platforms.

This is also one of the most trending approach in the tech industry. Since, Google introduced and made it possible to execute Android apps on to its Chrome operating software, Apple would not want to stay out of the league and since this has been stated as the preface for most Apple futuremoves, unifying these mobile apps would benefit them in different ways. Apple is looking to build their own ARM-based chips to accommodate both of their notebook and desktop computers.

The biggest challenge

The company will probably face bigger challenges while changing their type of processor, they will want to make sure that all of their processors are available within the range of the same software, otherwise the front loading will become a very challenging task when combining both the software together.

Unifying software- the latest approach

Unifying both software is one of the latest and could possibly be one of the finest approach to purse. This is probably one of the biggest encouragement for the developers to adopt the new strategy as they will be able to write their mobile applications once again and target a wider range of devices including MacBook. This is noted to be one of the finest strategy adopted by Apple in the history making themselves as one anotherEco-System Company to exist in the tech industry.

The competition

One of the major reasons behind unifying the platform is the competition which is already there in the tech industry. Microsoft was probably the first one to launch universal Windows Apps which were developed and written in such a way that it works both on PC and mobile phones.

On the other hand, Google did the same thing by bringing Android mobile apps to Chromebook. The issues they faced were quite similar to what Apple will be facing while unifying the Apps for both the platforms. However, these approaches are said to be a game changer for the mobile application industry and Apple is surely looking to follow the competition and to strongly compete with Windows and Google.

The long-term Push

This plan perhaps is a part of the long term push strategy, the company is considering to change its strategy trying to make the development of software and hardware quite similar simultaneously. The company began the development years back when they developed the iOS software for their own handhelds, they did the same when they came up with the Mac Book.

Recently, the launch of a T2 chip in the latest iMac pro marked the ability to divest features such as power management and security right from the main intel processor chip to silicon designed by Apple. There are possibilities after if the plan succeeds, the company will utilize the same chip for both Mac and iOS.

Benefits of a single software

A single software will make mobile application more versatile than ever before. Having the ability to work on two different platforms will make it easier for the user to utilize the same mobile application on a much bigger screen. Microsoft has already done this with their desktops, laptops and surface tablets and have seen a larger target audience after merging the software. Apple will probably be doing the same thing because who would not want to increase their target audience.

IT is also a very good advantage for all the developers out there. Despite of writing two different software, the developer will write only one which will have the ability to work on both the platforms.


The biggest question is that will Apple follow the trail of its competitors? According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, who has recently argued on the topic of unifying both the platforms by stating that anyone can cover a toaster and a refractor together however, it will not be pleasing to the user, same is the case with unifying the platforms.
Whereas, Apple has a very long history of doing the unexpected. They have minimized the size of the iPad and have increased the screen size of their iPhone, with this we can expect anything from the company.


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