7 Quick Ways to Insert Ads into Your WordPress Site

Insert Ads

Running a website or a blog isn’t an easy task to manage, especially the time, energy and dedication it takes to continue on every day. From managing your site updates to processing your hosting compatibility, it all takes a great effort as well as money & it’ll become a problem when you’re an independent creator as you’ll have to handle everything on your own. This is where monetization comes into power, giving a boost to your project & motivation to keep up with the community & standards. Since the beginning of Adsense, advertising has interested many people to make a living through the hard work & time they put online and the best part is you don’t have to deal with the advertisers yourself as it’s all handled by the respected ad provider so you just sit back and do what you’re expert in and let the money roll in.

There are number of other ways from which you can make money from your website like creating & selling something of your own e.g. ebooks, themes, plugins but it’s way more complicated if you’re not into these industries, instead you can just insert ads into your WordPress site and make a perfect & relatively hands-free money, on the other side you can just manage your website and keep loving what you do.

Moving on to the topic, let’s have a look on 7 quick ways to insert ads into your WordPress website and start earning some quick money this season.

There are some certain things you need to keep in mind before inserting the ads such as the location of the ad, size & shape, ad content, responsiveness & analytics.

It’s recommended that you follow these guidelines before inserting the ads to keep the revenue generated by your site managed & relevant.

There are number of ad providers from where you can get ads to show on your site but the one which is most popular & efficient is Adsense. Whether you’re just starting out or have a well-known website, Adsense is well suited for anyone. After getting approved by Adsense, you need to place ad codes on your site in order to display the ads. You can either choose to manually insert the Adsense code into WordPress or you can use a plugin.

Let’s have a look on the options we have to insert ads on a WordPress Site.

1. Advanced Ads Plugin

Advanced Ads
Advanced Ads Plugin features a great variety of adding third-party ads from Adsense, Double-click, Amazon & other providers, with enough customization capabilities to rival premium plugins. Using Advanced Ads, you can place your ad code on almost any page or section you want with ease. There are many other great features such as you can choose to disable ads under certain conditions.

2. Ad Inserter Plugin

Ad Inserter
Ad Inserter is an all-in-one ad placement plugin with stock full of options & customizations. This plugin not only provides users with different placement options for ads, yet also comes with a number choice for how to insert them. If you’re a newbie & do not feel comfortable adding embedded short codes into widgets and or php function call codes, then this plugin is the right choice for you.

3. In Post Ads Plugin

The Post Ads Plugin is a great plugin for inserting ads into blog posts in an easy & quick way. This plugin provides all of the right customization options to choose from for the post criteria. It also has an analytics module to view your ad’s analytics & A/B testing right from within the same WordPress module.

4. WP Adverts Classifieds Plugin

WP Adverts
WP Adverts is a great plugin with all the right powers in hand for an ad insertion plugin. It is lightweight in size and allows you to add beautiful classifieds in minutes. This plugin allows users to sell their ad places to viewers & other users. It also comes with fully integrated payment processing system and has a well-documented guide for setting up classifieds on to your site.

5. WP Simple Ads Insertion Plugin

WP Simple Ads
WP Simple Ads Insertion plugin is exactly what its name suggests, it’s a simple ad insertion plugin made for Google Adsense only. It works in the form of short codes and php function call from the theme’s file, you can use it to add ads into your widgets, posts and almost anywhere on the site using short codes you create. It’s a total beginner ad plugin which makes much easier to add ads into your WordPress site.

6. WP-Insert

WP Insert
WP Insert is a great enough WordPress ad-management plugin. It comes with a variety of options from customizing ads to placing them. It comes with user selected conditions to show ads whether they want to be shown under certain conditions or not. It even supports geo-targeted ads. There are many more features available in this plugin checkout to explore all of them.

7. Simple Ads Plugin

Simple Ads Plugin is a great plugin for multisite networks, as this plugin helps in showing all those ads you create out in across all of your sites in network at once.

This plugin is handy when you want to get out of the hassle of adding & editing each ad onto different sites all over again & again. Give it a try if you feel like this plugin is the one your site needs.


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