5 Web Design Trends That Websites Are Using Nowadays

Web Design Trends

Web design is one of the crucial parts when it comes to website creation and user side impression. Among designers, design trends & patterns are the most important thing to be followed. To keep a track on the design discoveries it’s better to name them according to how they’re made, that’s how web design trend works. There were some pretty big changes that came into effect in web design trends since the last two years, and it’s seen that many designers are moving away from simple & closed compositions.

Moving on to the point, here are the 5 Web Design Trends that are getting a great importance on the web & to be more precise we’re also adding the websites using them.

1. Image Web Design Trend

Images are one of the important parts considered in web design. Stock images are still the best option to show your brand motivation. When it comes to using these images, whether it’s an e-commerce store or a blog they both use them to show their idea & message to their users.

Websites nowadays are following a trend of having a big parallax background image on the whole website or a full-width slideshow of stock images illustrating their message. To follow the trend or to make it more available to the people worldwide, communities like picjumbo & Unsplash are a great help in providing free stock images.

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Here are some great websites based on this design trend: –
http://outsideenvy.com.au/ – A Furniture Design Company In Australia
Outside Envy

https://toaderphotography.com/ – Toader Photography A Wedding Photographer Site
Toader Photography

2. Video Background Web Design Trend

Video backgrounds have recently become a popular trend in web design. The reason why videos are a good choice to be used in websites is they show your whole idea or message visually to the user in a matter of seconds. There are also websites for stock videos such as coverr.co, Pexels & Videvo etc. which you can use to make website backgrounds or landing page video or a commercial project. Best of all they’re available for free to be used publicly under Creative Commons International license.

Here are some pretty cool websites based on this design trend: –
http://www.mindvalley.com/ – Mind Valley A Place To Learn

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http://keepingand.co/ – Keeping & Co. A Design Company
Keeping Co.

3. Mobile First Web Design Trend

Web has been a place where change is something which happens so often that you couldn’t simply compete but in order to compete, you need to be intangible as well as updated. With the change in the usage patterns of the web, mobile devices took a hit in accessing it so in order to stay in the web market mobile first design patterns were introduced and became a great trend in just a matter of time. Since everyone nowadays use a mobile phone, it’s a required feature that your website supports a good mobile view as this directly affects your website views as well as goal factors. Mobile web pages are not only easy to access but are also equipped with the features of your mobile device such as GPS, mobility, touchscreen and more, things that your desktop can’t.

Here are some awarded mobile-first websites based on this design pattern: –
https://maps.google.com/ – Google Maps – An Engine To locate

https://www.typeform.com/ – Type Form – A Tech Company

4. Modular Web Design (Grid Based Design) Trend

Modular & also known as Grid Based Design is available from quite a long time in this industry, it’s made up of card & tiles based patterns & style approach which makes the website work more responsive and fast no matter which screen size you’re on. It’s getting a good amount of attraction since sometime past this year as it is reusable & flexible yet clean in its design pattern.

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Here are some well-known websites based on this design trend: –
https://www.pinterest.com/ – Pinterest – A Place To Save Your Catalogue Of Ideas

https://www.youtube.com/ – YouTube – World’s Top Video Sharing Site & Company

5. Material & Flat Web Design Trend

Material & Flat Design is a clean & as the name suggests flat design approach. Flat Design came into a quick effect because of the fast adoption of this trend by big tech companies like Google & Apple etc. which made it a big hit in the web industry and nowadays websites & apps are being redesigned to focus on material design. With many designers & companies adopting it this fast, it is quite clear that it’ll last longer than any usual design trend available in the industry.

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Here are some great inspiration websites based on this design trend: –
http://uxdots.com – UXDots – A India Based Design Company

https://dribbble.com/ – Dribble – An Online Design Community


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